My Cabo day four (cuatro)

Cabo day four (4) cuatro

If you are actually starting to look forward to these updates then you might be in need of a Mexican vacation. We can help. Start by saving a wad of bills then call me. Today, when we first wake up Patti calls it a down day. Or as in the hiking world sense of the word a zero day, one with little to no mileage hiked. Not down as in, not upbeat or all together but, rather a chance for her to get some p o ol time and for me to recharge before our big drive to La Paz tomorrow. How much pool time have I gotten. Zero, nada. How much nap times? As long as it takes. Remember my mantra of wake up, eat, sleep, repeat. All out the window by the end of day one.


Nope, not even a zero day for us by far because as I write this my legs and feet are still feeling the miles walked earlier, on sand and cement alike. On a normal day she is always spouting off fitbit stats anywhere from 7 to 14,000 steps taken. Mucho buen camino!

Around 10:00 a.m. with a desire for a long walk, we quickly reach the furthest reaches of the marina, across the sand and onto Medano beach, a two mile stretch of sand, very swimmable and friendly with all the Mexican souvenir hawking one can take. We moved our table once because the hawking was so good. If you think you know the way to Medano beach and haven’t been here in two years, then you don’t, allot has changed and continues to do so. Shops are all full and more coming. The streets are clean, no trash, recycling program, noticeable.

The scenery at Medano beach was beautiful, the air was warm but not yet hot, not nearly as fantastic as the tuna, guacamole and chips appetizers. Great service, highly recommend “the office” for you can’t get any closer to the water if you try, beachside sitting and a great catch of the day. He quoted me $60 for that huge fish, $30 for a smaller one with all the fixings, enough to feed six.

I had a pina colada (maybe two) and Patti an ice tea that kept us going for quite a long time. Most everyone including the hawkers had a great laugh at one womans expense, including her so called friends, the ones watching the chaos and doing nothing but protecting their cold cervezas. The two couples were in the water, holding one beer in hand when the woman and her husband decided to join them. Though a bit older than the other two couples it could’ve happened to most anyone not coordinated enough to hold a beer and walk on sand.

As she attempts to get in the water, the ebb and flow of the still not yet totally benign surf caught her. It took hold and just would not let go. We watched as the woman, on her butt, struggles to get up in or out but, the surf just won’t let go. Were she a boat, her port side careened on numerous occasions letting her exhibit a still not yet submerged iced cold cerveza.

The friends laughter became contagious and pretty soon all at “the office” began taking note and joining in the laughter while the poor woman was repeatedly taken for a ride or rather her bottom was. I’ve fallen and quite can’t get up.

We keep hearing that our huge surf came from as far away as Australia. The seas last night were still big, huge swells with white caps on the pacific side. It is keeping the day and evening temperatures cool and a bit windy, evidenced by our wearing wind jackets when we walked to an appetizer to dinner, him tortilla soup, her a humburger.

Crime in Cabo. Just in case you need an update on what did not make the news in the states. Police arrested two kids here yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, and the other was eating fireworks. They charged one – and lit the other one off!! No riots planned as the parents have written both kids off as total losers and ambulance chasing lawyers are too busy hawking timeshares.

It also was reported here this morning that a Silicon Valley Exec (47 yr old) died down here in Mexico as a result of falling off a threadmill. Seriously, how does one get that rich that walking becomes injurious to oneself. Sounds sugar coated huh, probably won’t make the US news.

Makes my ATV almost getting lost in the desert adventure appear rather tame doesn’t it? A few non tourists were also gunned down in an area of Mexico that tourists won’t frequent. Sort of places like our South Central (LA) or Liberty city (Miami). Lived near one and worked in another so, I sort of do know what i am talking about. Two people supposedly also drowned in the surf before we got here. Apparently the gym and the ocean are much more dangerous than strolling through the streets of Mexico, well almost.

Do us city raised kids and adults have a bullshit, situational awareness meter that keeps us from falling victims to the kind of things that befall others? Who walks oblivious to their surroundings, tapping on a $600 iphone and steps right into a rip current or under tow? Tourists here do. Last night on the way back from the hotel two couples got into our shuttle, nice talkative people. All with either a glass or bottle in hand, nicely jewelry clad, and ready for more drinks and dinner, down in the city. Where is their situational awareness knot meter? I am sure back home there would be a law or two about walking with a non brown paper clad bottle in hand. Can you say wino. Here they just can’t wait to get to the f u n. The guys shirt should’ve read, here we am, come rob me.

On Water Crisis – According to Mike, Mexico doesn’t seem to have a water crisis like they do in California. He said that is because they desalinize their drinking water, no, not from the ocean; takes too much energy, from deep wells, takes less energy. Who knew, and so what’s the point of desalinizing fresh water? Mike needs another cerveza to sort out what he just quoted as how to solve our water crisis, maybe we should pump that desalinized well water north? Can’t, they are too busy adding more golf courses to the area.

Tomorrow i plan on us taking the Todos Santos to La Paz highway 19 vs hwy one that is more the coastal road. A local told me it was more direct and a two lane each way road vs one lane each way. Our friend Mike said he tried the coast highway once but, when he ran across a cinder block it bent his rim, he therefore gave up ever going to LaPaz again. The damaged rim was on so tight that he couldn’t get it off. Thankfully he was saved by a road angel. That’s the Mexican equivalent of a free AAA.

The Mexican landscape – my little atv expedition gave me a taste of the wild land that used to abound around here. It was truly quite a sight. The cactus plants are truly hearty and stand a test of time; only road dust seems to affect them. No enterprising Mexican has seen a market for the wild lands around here except for maybe these little sticks. They seem to be everywhere.


They seem to be popular with the artists. We see them in pictures, huts, fences. Due to technical difficulties loading pictures I’ll play it safe and stop now. Tomorrow day five (5) already?

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