Mi Casa Su Casa

Day 3 Cabo – Woke up early to make the 0800 pick up time for my ATV four wheeling fun tour.  But first,  coffee.  Ever step into a new kitchen where you don’t know where things are located.?   That was me this morning.  Took three tries at making coffee before I finally got it right.   First i poured the water into the wrong hole in the coffee maker and it all just spilled out.   Second try the coffee grounds now demanded to be in the built in basket. Third try all came out reasonably well.  With coffee success and one hour to spare before taxi pick up time i start breakfast for one,  on an electric stove,  my least favorite way of cooking.   Two eggs,  milk and left over ceviche into a bowl.   Oil onto a sauce pan and fire stove on high heat.   Then I begin wondering what time it really was?   My android tablet showed pacific time,  but what time zone is Cabo?   Guess what,  we are on Mountain time so,  as i was figuring this simple task out the oil in the sauce pan sort of self implodes.   Smoke was now everywhere,  and i just knew the detectors would start at any moment.  No smoke alarm or water sprinklers yet? A surprise but good,  I thought.  Seems they have a lower tolerance for smoke in this part of the country than back in the USA.   

I rush with the smoking pan out onto the deck but, afraid to set it down for fear of self igniting the travertine stone deck.   This thing was really hot and smoking terribly.   Meanwhile the Mrs. is sleeping through all of this in this smoke cloud.  With one hand i quickly open the front door, voila a gush of fast air quickly jump starts the remediation process.   No Mexican fire fighters required as of this point.  Question of the day?  What were the 2 Mexican Firefighting Brother’s names?

Hose A and Hose B

Also no breakfast for mua.   I spot the cake donuts and two donuts later breakfast is done.

Mi Casa es su Casa. So where do I start. We just walked back from the restaurant Mi Casa that kicked my butt or rather the apologetic waiter that brought me an on the rocks instead of a frozen margartita did. That was all she wrote after that potent single margarita.  Hey I should by now know better.   Having dodged that first tiger by the tail breakfast episode i was truly not ready for tequila tasting so refreshing.  That tres leches desert was only ordered to dilute the teqila but, it did no such thing.  My fish catch of the day was splendid but seems like a distant memory now.  Just prior to all of this I was out riding an ATV in the desert. Sort of my get some exercise without stepping into the gym time.  Two Mexican families,  one from Duran,  one from Guadalajara,  a single Mexican woman and yours truly.   They were all thrilled when the Spanish only safety briefing was conducted,  I was asked if i understand everything and quickly  responded Si,  pues claro!   I was in and also strategized how with this mom pop and the kuids group was i really going to get some riding fun.   By riding at the back of the follow the leader pack i zigged,  zagged,  rode backwards,  around and any which way that stretched my riding out.  At one point i even got lost when three roads diverged and thank goodness for that smoke cloud,  rather similar to what was flowing from our room earlier,  i found my way.   A 100 peso tip up front guaranteed that I would not be called out when the group went one way and i went the opposite way.  

Our guide tells me that after the Cabo hurricane their ATVs sat for about two months before first getting rented.   He said on the first trip out they made it as far as the beach before a coiled rattler wakes up from hibernation somewhere in the bowels of this ATV and starts crawling onto the gringos handle bars.   The guy jumps off the ATV and watches as it make its way with the rattler onto the surf zone.  From then on the other riders were at the ready waiting for their turn.

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