A journey of a thousand miles

A journey of a 1000 miles

For some, a 15 to 20 hour drive, for sailors possibility 10 days at sea, for Baja ha ha participants, (October 25 – November 2, 2015) but, today for Patti and me, a two hour plane ride to Cabo San Lucas.

Today our journey started when the shuttle van picked us up; four hours earlier than our scheduled flight. The Prime Time shuttle van driver, drove like he owned it, in an all out effort of getting us to LAX and making a 0930 pickup time back at the cruise ship terminal. He then demonstrated a near perfect one hand illegal lane change while clutching a cell phone with the other. Suddenly the car ahead stops for the red stop light, just prior to the Sepulveda tunnel. Our driver did not appreciate the legal red light stop of said vehicle and proceeded to slam on brakes while honking horn and swerving left. Fortunely that lane was partially unoccupied, our two women passengers suddenly exclaimed, “sloooooow down”! Wrong timing. Now was not the time to further distract this driver on a mission. Without missing a beat, he begins depressing keys on a samsung tablet, awkwardly mounted on the vans console cup holder. I watched that thing vibrate the entire trip up and now as we approached LAX, as if the storm after the calm, it suddenly falls down onto the accelerator pedal. Driver quickly exclaims, NOW!

One suitcase amongst the two of us weighing exactly 38.5 pounds. And all I had to do was show up. Everything was packed, picked out, sorted and ready for me. What a gal!

“Probably the airplanes will bring week-enders from Los Angeles before long, and the beautiful poor bedraggled old town will bloom with a Floridian ugliness.”

– From the book, The Log from the Sea of Cortez

“Today, Cabo San Lucas is home to luxury hotels and the houses of American rock stars, and many of the small villages have become suburbs of the larger towns of the Gulf, but people still visit, attempting to capture something of the spirit of the leisurely journey Steinbeck and Ricketts took around the Sea of Cortez.”

“A Cabo fish/timeshare/hawker lives the simplest kind of life in the world at the edge of the marina, hawking his wares to locals and tourists alike. While he hawked, tourists passed by, some even pretended not to notice the man.”

Suddenly he yells out to one, “you have come a long way amigo to visit me, Gringo. And so you should not return empty handed. Please take my scenery of the marina, boats, taco stands and sunshine with you. The gringo was bewildered but, he took the mans scenery, and then he quickly ran away.”

A long voyage with many changes of fortune.

– Oddysey

What does one do all day in Cabo San Lucas. Having survived shuttle one to the airport at LAX, we have now arrived at Cabo via Alaska airlines. One of seven flights daily from LAX. Once through the 1,000 mile winding customs line we exit with baggage. A swarm of transportation specialists awaited our arrival. With three other couples we join Luis in his van for a baja 1000 type ride to our hotels.

No vaccinations needed for this trip, just a chunky wad of bills and go. Randomly i could guess 75.oo per day for food/drinks per day for two. Trying to guess how much we’ll actually spend is possibly harder than trying to predict how long I’ll live. Transportation and accomodations, already paid for. Meals and tours? To be determined. I want to drive/ride anything on the dessert to the sea plus go scuba diving at the national reef park.

She has no interest in getting dusty or submerged. We both want great Mexican cuisine. Just got back from Grill Day Saturday at the Briggantine Restaurant. Great video and photos to share of the giant swells pounding the beach just yards away from where we sat, we could feel the salt spray. Unfortunately, at the present time my android tablet isn’t set up to upload pictures from the fujifilm camera.

Day one totals. We paid as much for a greasy burger at Ruby’s at LAX as we did for one gourmet dinner. LAX shuttle was cheaper than the baja shutle but far more dangerous.

Day two plan: Designate time for certain things activities. I sleep, i gets up, i eat. Then i do it again. In. our case it’s WE do it again.

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

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