All She’s Got To Do is Outlast Me

All she (Western Flyer) has got to do is to outlast me. Thoughts streaming through my head while working on this latest of boat project(s) in my engine room.  Cruising is easy, tending to anything below is the hard part.  Think about all the man hours that have already gone and still continue to go into this boat.  The question of, “what do you do all day” shall still remain unanswered.  This engine project only took two hours minus the travel time to and from the Plastix Shop in Gardena, California to pick up the material. The other projects such as registering the dinghy will likely take longer and not give me the satisfaction as looking at this finished project.

Below is a picture (before) of the last remaining piece (port side) of wall in my engine room after peeling back the aluminum backed foam insulation that reaked of diesel fuel and other unwanted boat smells.  The small wall needed to stay up to mount the grounded 110V outlet, battery charger/monitor and port side engine overflow tank.  Next time I’m on board I’ll try rerouting some of the errant cables shown below.


My power needs are very similar to a sailor whose biggest offender is the refrigerator/freezer.  All my lighting is LED’s.  This is one of two battery storage boxes.

DSCF1658 DSCF1659

Zen master was asked what do you do all the time and he replied, I sleep, I get up, I eat.  And so shall we, only first, take my mother in law out for her 76th birthday outing – to eat Pho and a foot massage.  Happy Birthday Mom!   Ralph & Patti


“Better to pass boldly into that other world in the full glory of some passion than to fade away and wither dismally with age.

– James Joyce, The Dead

Quote found:  From a great read by Harry L. Heckel, Jr. – Around the World in 80 years (The oldest man to sail alone around the world – Twice!)