Cape Caution, BC

The following is a short self narrated video I recently found while looking through files on my Seagate back up drive.  I provide the narration about my experiences, at the moment, as we sail past the infamous Cape Caution aboard a 30′ Fisher ketch known as the S/V Stormy on our way to Juneau, Alaska from Portland, Oregon.  Don’t expect much, it’s only 5 a.m. when I find myself facing Cape Caution.

According to local knowledge Cape Caution presents a mental barrier for boaters who may possess a limited amount of boating experience such as on secure waters such as Puget Sound.

.. . . . .. To get to the Inside Passage, boaters must cross an open stretch of water at Cape Caution.  This cape has a reputation as a formidable area to travel.   But not on this trip!



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