Boot stripe, sanding cetol, brightwork and more

Boot stripe, Brightwork and more

Chris, a local live aboard sailor prefers to use a heat gun over any electric sanding tool that you can throw his way. In the picture below you see him starting to paint the Western Flyer’s faded burgundy boot stripe.  I like to see progress, the more immediate the better.  And sometimes my impatience gets the better part of me.

For this project Chris was also assigned the quality control aspects of the job with me providing some of the grunt/prep work like taping, sanding, priming, moving the boat etc. Here is our progress thus far:

DSCF1317 DSCF1316


Not too long ago we tackled the brightwork.  Follow the link below for brightwork add’l pictures:


Notice the faded burgundy boot stripe?


Look closely at the picture above, the blue tape below the stainless steel grab rails and just above the windows.  Using white primer I applied at least four coats over this never before painted trim.  Tomorrow it also receives two coats of burgundy paint, just like the burgundy boot stripe.  Should make the boat pop!


Windows and doors are next in line.