The “Western Flyer” a 41 Defever Trawler



The Defever 41 is a 1989 model that ran from ’85 to 89.  She was available with single or twin engines.  At the most economical speeds she is capable of from 1,000 to 1200 miles.  Her interior came in either one of two layouts.  Layout A or layout B.  Our Western Flyer is layout B.  Her specifications are LOA 40’7″, LWL 34’7″, Beam 14.2″, draft 4 ft., fuel 400 gallons.  Water 250 gallons, displacement I’ve seen listed anywhere from 19,000 to 23,000 #.  What also sets her apart is the amount of teak and joinery.  Cabin sole is in teak and holley.  The head has both a tub and shower and a lavatory counter of marble with a three way mirror.

The engine room contains twin Ford Lehman 6D380 135 HP engines.  They are equipped with 200# flywheels for exceptional smooth operation.  I removed the walls separating the fuel tanks from the engines for easy access to the outside of the engines and to visibly see the fuel tanks and inspection ports.  I also removed the 8k Owan generator and installed 8 house batteries in two separate plastic compartments.  She operates for a minimum of three days just like she was plugged in to shore power.  Her biggest amp useage is her refrigerator as all lights throughout are LEDs.  All electronics are brand new as of 2014.

Above is somewhat what she looked like when we first purchased her.  Below is somewhat how she looks today.

Bluewater Yacht Builders ltd, Taipei Taiwan, Republic of China is where she was built, shipped to the US.



Western Flye

Above is the Western Flyer trike.

Below you can read the full story of Steinbeck’s Western Flyer.

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