If I had a hammer…..

If I had a hammer?

If you can recall this oldies song, it goes something like:  “If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning. I’d hammer in the evening, alllllll over this land …….” Well, I do own a hammer but, unlike the song, I don’t plan on hammering out any justice, in fact, I rarely hammer nails.  Nail guns are the way to go.

Some, but not all in our family are familiar with one of my past projects Building the Tiny Home.  This story is about what one might call a SoCal (Southern California) winter project.  But wait, winter is over, isn’t it?


This Sailboat also qualifies as a Tiny Home.

The old worn skylight that allowed light (yes) but, did not allow you to see the sky needed upgrading.  So, naive ME also believing in another great oldies song that sang out, it never rains in Southern California; I go ahead and climb up on the tiny homes roof and rip the old skylight out along with half the roof shingles. As an out with the old and anticipation of in with the new; a sort of morning exercise routine, minus the need to step into a gym.  (Note to self:  BKB – before kick boxing)


Too much work involved; just like that I suddenly lost the will or motivation to continue.


Next i walked by the part of the yard that housed the Seadoo. And it also was wanting for attention…….and then I, joined (West Coast PWC Club) for an all day ride from LA to San Diego and back, a distance of some 220 miles of offshore pacific ocean coast riding.


It was around Oceanside, California or was it Dana Point when this song crept back into my consciousness.

“It never rains in California, the girls only warn yeah, yeah, yeah.

Meanwhile back at the home front; I am later told by the Mrs; that the skies did begin to open up; tiny home without a skylight now began to fill up.  If not for the efforts of my fearless crew, Patti, at least according to her, all would’ve been lost.

And still I wonder, yeah yeah yeah; how could that small 2 ft by 2 ft opening yield so many buckets of rainwater?

The song, (it never rains in California) is about the struggles of an actor, who moves out to Hollywood, California, and you guessed it, right into a Tiny Home. He never quite makes it as an actor – but, came up with quite a song.

“It never rains in California, but girl don’t they warn ya. It pours, man it pours.”

For the life of me, I never quite got that one verse before.

I am sharing this Tiny Home project partly because without realizing it – it was my first 2015 project.  Tiny Home over the years evolved into a guest home, even though no guests actually ever spent the night.


Above  is a great site for finding creative solutions to your Tiny Home.

Our Tiny Home slowly became a garage, the type that fills up without room for a car, for which it was intended for.

So, actually my first project was to get rid of or move everything in the tiny home and attic.  Then I painted it.  (Thanks to brother in law Jimmy for the drywall repair job.)

Note to self – there is still by our homes front door a newly arrived FEDEX box with three quart cans of Cetol Natural Teak just dying to go on the Western Flyer.  The same quart cans that I could pay $45.99 each at West Marine; I found on Amazon at a Boaters Supply place on the east coast for $30.00 each with free shipping.

And in my truck is a newly cut Lexan piece (I believe it’s 26 X 16 – 1/4 inch piece that cost $60.00 at the Plastix Depot in Gardena, CA.  I just need to drop this piece off at Copa’s Woodworking and my missing boats galley window is done – minus installation.  Ever since the hard top stainless steel project we’ve had cracked glass on board.  Bad luck you say?

Maybe not for me – the welder is the guy that dropped a piece of stainless on the window.  The rest of us just watched it bounce off the teak rail, teak deck, strike the boats dinghy and finally land squarely on the galley window – then c r a c k!


This Defever’s galley window is so well put together that it took about three hours to remove it – all five or six broken pieces of it later after I was blinded by the morning sun, sweaty, hot and just pissed off.  Yes, I took the sawzall to it, because that black butyl tar looking sealant glue combo that was used on as sealant – even 25 years ago – was still doing it’s job.

Since I am now speaking of good luck, I need to find some wood to knock on it  for fear of good – or is it bad luck?  Anyway if you’re superstitious (or not) you can also read the post I wrote sometime ago about my red-headed granddaughter.

In the days of yore, it was believed that it was bad luck to have women on board, especially red headed ones.  Funny enough, naked women on board were completely welcome.  While we’re on this subject, you know that naked figurehead you sometimes see on tall ships.  Ships typically had a figure of a bare breasted woman perched on the bow so that her bare breasts “shamed” the stormy seas into “calm” and her eyes helped guide the seamen to safety!


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