Isn’t It Cold?

Why we love where we live – the weather! Thought you’d enjoy reading about a liveaboard in Boston.

This is the first question we always get asked when people find out we live on our boat in Boston Harbor.  So I thought I would give some specifics on the subject.

Today we are in the middle of a cold snap.  It’s been in the teens the last couple of morning and hasn’t gotten over 30 degrees fahrenheit.  We are in wind chill warnings, its predicted to be -2 with the wind chill.

weather graph 01072015

We are even starting to get some nice ice build ups in the marina.


Today I even got texts from friends and family asking us if we wanted to stay with them.  Nice offers but it really isn’t bad on the boat.

We left for work before 7 am and only left our radiant heater on medium.  I came back to the about at about 1 pm.  Here is what it was like.


The outdoor temp on the display…

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  1. katemckena says:

    Hey Ralph… I remember my days (5 1/2 years) of living on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis MD. It was an awesome boating area, but remembering the storms – rain, wind, thunder – and the winters – ice, snow, freezing cold – I don’t know how I did that!! Makes me appreciate SoCal But looking at your photos makes me reminisce a bit – would like to transport back and relive it… for just a day or two ;0)


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