Marina Walk – White’s Point

A few minutes ago Lucy dog got a bath in my private, tucked out of the way outdoor shower.  This is version 2.0 as the previous one collapsed from a steady few seasons of use after everyone of my personal watercraft rides.  Version 1.0 received plenty of use from washing down everything from wet suit to vest, boots, gloves, helmet, goggles, gps, everything – dog(s) and even grandchildren caked in sand.

Today, also thanks to a tankless water heater we still don’t actually run out of (hot) water. It’s great to keep the hot water flowing no matter the weather, rain or shine. Naturally after this mornings hike Lucy ends up all caked with dirt, sand, and salt water.  This lab cannot see water and stay out of it.

The morning started with a drive from home without a final destination in mind.  At the stop sign we went right instead of left and ten minutes later parked and started our walk.  Today’s hike occured at an area known as White’s Point, an area that juts out into the sea to form a point.  One version of the name is after a sailor who jumped ship and swam to shore.

Another more believable version is that sailors in days gone by used to look up at the cliffs and see an altamira shale that appears white from off shore.  A third and possibly coincidental version is that it was named after Senator Stephen White, who led the political part in developing the port of LA.


This area was also once rich with abalone till they started getting harvested to be sold as far off away as the east coast and Asia.  Most of our hike was down below, at sea level however, up above the hillside one can still see the white point fountain.  This area was once a sulphur springs hot spa, complete with hotel.  Built in the 1910’s it lasted till the 1930’s when it was demolished.   Unfortunately, the hot springs are no more thanks to the shifting volcanic area closing off the hot part of the springs.

15422002864_e1ec4512d2_h Great picnic area below complete with fire pit, picnic benches and an awesome view.  15856992980_7023bab09a_h

Today, the area was teaming with surfers.  Most were watching the surf with maybe six or more in the water.  Note the West End of Catalina island off in the distance.  Descending from the shoreline one can easily see the ever shifting land.  It was not hard to imagine what an effect a really great storm could have on the land.

16042319951_0bda4effa5_h This part of the hike needs further exploration.  We began going uphill but the recent rains caused the mud to cake up and fill up the waffle part of my Merrell’s, making it a rather slippery uphill hike.  Lucy of course showed no interest in stopping.


I lost count of the Marina Walks written to date but as you continue to see there are still more areas to explore.  Till next time.  Happy Holidays!


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