Marina Walk – Prince Rupert, BC


This marina walk took place while I was helping a friend deliver his sailboat to Juneau, AK.  The moment I started walking uphill I knew this town was different.  One thing for sure, you can’t miss the jersey cow theme.  

This walk was mostly an urban walk leading towards a large downtown area.  Unlike most major cities airport Prince Ruperts is on an island.   Prince Rupert is where I flew home.  What took us 21 days (Portland to Prince Rupert) on a sailboat was reversed by airplane (Prince Rupert to Los Angeles) in less than 6 hours.

I purchased my ticket on line, waited at the largest hotel building visible on the skyline. This hotel also contained what can also be described as an airport terminal.  From here passengers board a shuttle that goes back down to the marina; the shuttle then boards a ferry; passengers next get ferried across and onto the island airport.  This is the only way to get to this airport – you can’t drive to it.

(Story from tourism site)  Prince Rupert’s heritage as a thriving fishing community is recalled in the Cow Bay Shopping District. During the days when salmon canneries thrived all along the surrounding coast, and so much fresh halibut was shipped from Prince Rupert that it was famous as the “Halibut Capital of the World,” this was the home of the “Mosquito Fleet.”

These small fishing vessels, tugboats, passenger launches and other vessels lay at the heart of northern life and commerce. Here in Cow Bay there were boatyards building new vessels, and a network of marine shops servicing the needs of the Mosquito Fleet.

Officially Cameron Cove, this part of Prince Rupert was once known as “Vickersville.” Squatters settled here in the days when the downtown was strictly controlled by the railroad company.

When a dairy was opened here in 1909, there was no dock and the cattle had to swim ashore. The dairy didn’t last long—but the name Cow Bay survived and today has become a theme in a trendy shopping district.

Today Cow Bay is a waterfront area of historic buildings, many of them built on pilings over the water. Though visitors will still find working marine shops providing services for the commercial fleet, Cow Bay is a trendy shopping district where visitors can book area tours, visit a variety of boutiques, including souvenir and gift shops, or relax in one of several restaurants and coffee shops.



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Prince Rupert was incorporated in 1910, and the name came from Prince Rupert of the Rhine – who was first Governor of the Hudsons Bay Company.

Were it not for the bad rainy weather (most of the year) Prince Rupert could’ve been another Vancouver.  Also, the fact that the founder (Charles Melville Hays) president of the railroad took a little boat trip – on non other than the HMS Titantic.  

He died before his dream of making Prince Rupert (due to its deep water ports) a major western port of Canada.




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