Project List 2014 V1.0

Subject:  Project List 2014 V1.0

Even though I haven’t posted in sometime the Western Flyer is not only getting “some use” as in the (boating) sense of the word but, the cosmetic portion of the refit is still ongoing.  So hang in there and check back from time to time.  I am really trying to not let the (project) part of boating consume me this time as it did for about the past two years.

Countdown to cruising is NOW 12 months.  On or about that time next year Patti and I plan on joining the Baja HaHa 2015 fleet and eventually ending up in La Paz for about six months.  Then decision time as to where to go next – North to the USA or continue heading South.


DSCF0136 DSCF0137

Project 001 – Shorepower Electrical failure – Blame it on old age or operator error but here is what happened to me this week.  I take the boat over to the marine head dumping station and pump both heads.  Then I come back as usual to the dock, tie the boat off and proceed to connect the “eel” electrical cord onto the boat side.  The dock box fuse kept tripping, then it sparked.  End result was no shore power.  Bottom line is I was plugging to the middle plug that is the one designated for the air conditioning unit or second 30 amp power.  For some unknown reason I plugged into the wrong 30 amp boat plug.  The first one is for the inverter shore power and the second one is for the A/C however, it turned out that this little error revealed that two wires were reversed on the middle plug.

Note the green and red dots.  I now use them to remind me where to plug in.


Project 121 – Broken Boom – Above is the new larger diamater aluminum boom


To better show the progress I decided to post some pictures of what is completed and what is next in line.  Project 005 – Plug up Holes – A visit to Plastic Depot in Gardena, CA completed this simple project.  First, go look in the throw out bin and see if there is some scrap material that you can repurpose available.  For a few bucks you can have them cut it to size.  Voila!  You are done.  DSCF0134



Received this outstanding dinghy person hoisting line from S/V Leijah? while at Two Harbors.  The gift was as a result of their buddy sailboat dropping a wallet into the drink in about 20 feet of water.  My good friend Mel beat Jim and I to the punch and came up with the wallet.  Leijah was so grateful at our response that they felt a gift was in order.  THANK YOU!  I predict lots of years of great useage.   This dinghy line will be placed when at anchor near the swim platforms boarding ladder.  A great handhold for climbing aboard.


Every boat with batteries requiring distilled water needs one of these.  The one on the Western Flyer after what looked like years of use finally gave out.  The fill spout broke making it more of a mess than I wanted.  For $10.95 a new one was found and purchased.



Project 010 – Replace wood rotted floor as a result of long time leaky refrigerator.  Teak & Holley 4 X 8 sheet of plywood is $176.00 from Strata Hardwoods.  Marine plywood 4 X 8 sheet will also be used.  The piece you see in the picture is plywood from Home Depot that according to wood experts won’t last even if epoxied.  I am told the laminate plys in the plywood don’t hold up to marine use.


Project 059 – Rescreen the bronze ports – Cappa Woodworking in San Pedro did an outstanding job on all my window screens.  Currently he is working on replacing the entire galley window.  The original screen was bronzed or copper welded on.


Window Screens continued


Western Flyer has five window screens in the main galley and nine bronze ports that required rescreening.

DSCF0152 DSCF0149Project 060 – As you can tell I butchered the galley window trying to remove it to replace the broken glass as a result of my welder dropping a piece of stainless steel metal down from the fly bridge.  He promptly agreed to give me $75.00 credit for the damage.  I of course did not refuse because all he would then do if I did is up his final price for the $2.000.00 plus welding job on the hardtop.

Coppa Woodworking is still working on the galley window however, you can see the stainless steel window screen that did not need replacing.  When I get to the brightwork stage I will revarnish all the window screens.


Project 075 – Fiberglass holes – The entire fly bridge is filled with holes like the one you see in the picture.  The dinghy kept ringing the ships bell whenever I hoisted it so I moved the bell to an out of the way place.


Holes continued – Also note the much needed brightwork.


Holes continued – Duraglas is what I plan on using.  In the near future I need to buy a dremel tool to help in prepping the holes for the duraglas fill.


Project 069 – Brightwork – Above is a leftover hole from the time that she carried a canvas top.


Project 099 – Paint anchor locker – I am holding off taking the chain and anchor to LA Galvanizing.  To be continued.

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  1. Melvin Pasley says:

    Nice blog Ralph. Gives me a chance to see how much you have done to the Western Flyer. She is looking good and I know you plan on more sprucing up. But then as a boat owner you know the drill. it is repair, sand, patch, varnish, polish, rinse and repeat. If you need help, I am willing.


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