Making Boaters Bread

I made bread!

My first attempt,  and it was far easier and better tasting than I thought possible.

This morning I added a little garlic butter and boysenberry jam to three bread slices that I enjoyed with morning coffee; the only thing missing now is waking up to the view of an island scene.

This is the bread recipe that I used:


Bread is an all important item to have on board for any expedition.  Fortunately or unfortunately as you see it on our trip down from Portland to Los Angeles we carried on board nothing but the best – Dave’s Killer Bread.  If you haven’t yet tried it then you are missing one of the finest breads around.  Available at your grocery store.

In the building of the Panama canal the logisticians faced immeasurely challenges.  The Navy War Department in 1870 granted two ships to the expedition – one, a steam-sloop named Nipsic and the store supply ship Guard.  In the supply ship were 10,000 pounds of bread far exceeding the quantity and poundage for the other highly desirable ingredients such as bacon (7,000 pounds); tomato soup (6,000 pounds); 30 gallons of beans, 250 pounds of coffee, 100 bottles of pepper; and 600 pounds of canned butter.  Obviously other canal building essentials included such as 100 miles of telegraph cable etc.


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