Jet Ski Ride to Avalon

Today’s ride to the island and back was so much fun my back is just starting to celebrate without me.  Some or should I be brave and say all paid the piper on the return trip home.  Mixed seas were the norm from the moment we left the island they did not let up but, only got worse as we neared Angels gate.   More on this later!

Thank you Del Amo Motorsports for the Starbucks and pastries plus the chance at winning a $250.00 gift coupon for the rider guessing our chase boats arrival time at Avalon. To be announced at a later time.


Our Sponsors!

Thank you Lewis for all the hard work and effort put into this ride, it really shows. For those not yet aware, let’s see, a great turnout, (doesn’t come without putting some effort into it) a sponsor present with door prices, check, (also takes some planning) media coverage (the guy riding the Yamaha wearing the hockey, I want to kill you mask with the high end camera), coordination made with Avalon Harbor and Sea Tow, who I might add was also present at the riders meeting and was offering almost FREE membership, check, Antonio’s Restaurant reserved seating, check, no break downs, double check.

All but the no break-downs can be attributed to Lewis, AKA X-rated (soon to be renamed?)


She deserved a hug!  She bought the boat from the gentlemen also in the picture last year and is training for a future solo trip to Hawaii!





She paddled this strange craft from Marina Del Rey – taking 8 hours to reach Avalon, Catalina Island

Arriving to the island on anything but a boat is a cool thing.  Arriving under human power is so far above and beyond that I told her she is an (Adventurer) and worthy of a free buffalo milk.  If you don’t yet know what this is then you just haven’t been to Two Harbors, the not as tame side of the island.  Maybe – a future ride?

She made it from Marina Del Rey, all under human self propelled power in her really cool looking boat. It took a mere eight hours of paddling for her versus one plus hours for some; plus, plus for others.

Between the 20+ riders showing up this morning I’ll bet you we had nearly 4000 horsepower between the group and those that stopped at the fuel dock paid dearly ($7.05) a gallon for the fuel purchased. Speaking of fuel docks, we were all moored on one.  Some even went as far as checking the pumps to see if they could squeeze out a free gallon or two.


Calm waters inside the breakwater

Also, another thanks to Lewis for his foresight knowing full well these people would have a fit if we all decided to use their dingy dock.  Permission requested and granted to dock at the floating fuel dock on a mooring ball. Some took the shore boat ($4.75) over to the island from the fuel dock, while others used more creative ways by ferrying each other sometimes three to a ski.



Our very own media guy!



Fueling up.

The 6 a.m. meet up agreed for most of the group.  The usual suspects were on time or earlier arriving at Cabrillo, including Del Amo Motorsports.  Back to the weather, one must never forget that the weather always gets the final say. A day earlier and the seas would’ve been better but, mixed seas is what we got today. Mixed seas good for slow sailing boats and drift wood but not necessarily for planing go-fast boats.  Was it worth it – you bet!  The thrill of the ride, the chase, the speed, adrenalin rush, when that large dose of crystal blue 75 degree water splats you right across the front; it just doesn’t get any better than this.

DSC00812 DSC00816 DSC00817

See you on the Island!


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