When I was going Anal!

Subject:  When I was going Anal!  

Not to be confused with constipation, Anal expulsiveness, or otherwise.  The term is used to describe a person who pays such attention to detail that the obsession becomes an annoyance to others, potentially to the detriment of the anal-retentive person. 

Too much time on your hands while waiting on anything can be a good or a bad thing, unfortunately for us boaters we just keep right on rethinking what we have already thought about and with too much time on our hands we spend more $$. 

Our previous boat, a 40′ Hunter Sailboat, the S/V Patti Lynn, named after the Admiral; the excess on board would fill a corner of a small West Marine store.  The previous owner somehow got a hold of a West Marine catalog and in his idleness spent hours upon hours digesting every joker valve, thru-hull or winch seat within; the more he read, the more he felt he wanted it, it was also a great thing that he could afford it.  Possibly for years, he just kept right on buying, boosting the West Marine stock, in the stores infancy days, in the hopes to one day “cut the lines” and head to Mexico.  

When we bought the boat, it all stayed on board and after tripping over the booty for several months I finally had enough.  One or two trips later to Minnie’s Supply cured most of the excess on board.  

Just about any type of checklist can be found on the internet.  The one that follows may have started that way or maybe I found myself once again thinking like an Army guy.  Note:  All of this was written when the Western Flyer was a mere 1,000 miles away.  



To do – Schedule independent marine; Tuesday pick up and pay for water tank; purchase VHF at West marine; purchase Sterilized water at Safeway; locate rigger for mast rigging;

Task 1:  Dewinterize Boat

Condition:  Winterized boat

$$: Zero dollars

Time: 30 minutes

Standard:  Working water heater 


Task 2:  Refill batteries

Condition:  Two battery banks

$$: 2.00 per gallon of sterilized water

Time: 30 minutes

Standard:  All batteries watered up.

Task 3: Install New Engine Air Filters

Condition: Remove & replace old air filter

$$: Zero dollars

Time: 15 minutes 

Standard: New filter installed

Task 4: Verify fuel tanks are restrained


Condition: Check to see that fuel tanks are restrained against vertical movement.  Restrain the aft ends of the fuel tanks against movement inward towards the center.

 $$: Zero dollars if no supports are needed

Time: 1 hour

Standard: Secured fuel tanks

Task 5:  Verify engine exhaust hoses are not leaking   


Condition: The starboard engine exhaust hose connection to the fore-aft hose at the aft starboard corner of the engine room appears to leak.


$$: Zero dollars if not leaking

Time: 30 minutes

Standard:  Verify hose does not leak exhaust


Task 6: Per survey – Visual view of fuel tanks

Condition: Remove wall insulation

$$: Zero dollars

Time: 30 minutes

Standard: Ability to view fuel tanks


Task 7: Paint bilge area

Condition: Clean & paint bilge area

$$: 12.00 per quart

Time: 2 hours

Standard: Ability to see clean bilge area


Task 8: Sticky shifter cables

Condition: Lube Sticky shifter cables

$$: 0 dollars

Time: 1 hour

Standard: Easy to shift cables


Task 9: Verify boat washdown pump does not leak

Condition: Inspect

$$: Zero dollars

Time: 30 minutes

Standard: Leak free washdown pump


Task 10: Inspect galley sink hoses per survey


Condition: Old galley hoses


$$: 10.00 approx.

Time: 1 hour

Standard:  New galley sink hoses



Task 1: Secure the dinghy chocks

Condition: Collapsed dinghy chocks – Secure by making new chock mounts


Time: 3 hours

Standard: Secured dinghy chocks





Task 1: Raise & Secure mast

Condition: Shorten existing pelican hook support

$$: Zero dollars

Time: 30 minutes


Standard: Ability to raise a secured mast

Task 2: Install trunk cabin grab rails

Condition: Grab rails are not secured – cut fiberglass to install nut to secure grab rails

Standard: Secured grab rails

Task 3: Install Electronics Box in flybridge

Condition: Uninstalled electronics box

Standard: Installed electronics box

Task 4: Connect LED lights in Hardtop (Independent Marine)

Condition: Uninstalled LED lights

Standard: Working LED lights

Task 5: Connect dinghy electric winch motors

Condition: Unconnected dinghy motor wires

Standard: Working dinghy winch motors

Task 6: Propane locker per survey

  1. The propane locker hose end wire penetration is not sealed from the vessel interior.
  1. Seal all penetrations from the locker to the vessel to prevent propane vapor from entering the vessel.


Standard: Insulate


Condition: West marine VHF

Standard: Working in flybridge VHF radio

Task 8: Secure boat pole attachment





Task 1: Wash & wax box

Condition: Dirty boat

$$: Boat soap on board/pole/brush – Boat wax $25.00; harbor freight waxer; $50.00

Time: Wash/2 hours; wax; 6 hours

Standard:Clean boat

Task 2: Brightwork rework

Condition: Two add’l coats of Cetol

$$: Cetol on board

Time: 8 hours

Standard: Brightwork redone



Task 1: New Tachs installed by Technician (Independent marine repair)

Condition:  Call Richard to reinstall tachs

$$: 200.00

Time: 2 hours

Standard: Working tachs

Task 2: New Racor meters in main cabin (Independent marine repair)


$$: Parts – xxx Labor – xxxx

Time: 2 hours


Task 3: New VHF radio (Independent Marine)


$$: Radio 250.00 – Labor $50.00

Time: 1 hour

Standard: working VHF in flybridge area


Task 1: Install new water tank in trunk area

Condition: Secure tank

$$: 500.00 for tank; 100.00 for fittings; zero labor

Time: Up to 8 hours

Standard: Working water tank(s)



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