Final leg – Santa Barbara to Los Angeles harbor to our new slip

This expedition is almost over now.  The Western Flyer performed better than expected.   Unfortunately,  we may have possibly one broken crew member on board;  it seems as though,  he tried to keep up with the big dog last night and is paying for it this morning, by not even moving.   I am assuming he is still breathing and not just sleeping peacefully in an awkward position.

Last night the final words I heard out of this often mild mannered (reciter of more nostalgic facts and useless knowledge than you can shake a stick at)

were, yeeeeahhhooo or words to that effect as he tried to enter the main cabin through the trunk cabin door and managed to slide all the way down the five or six steps landing on a sleeping crew members.

Santa Barbara is a keeper.  The first stop in almost 1000 miles where the people are beautiful,  friendly,  living life, enjoying all that the bountiful cove has to offer.  Several fishing boats with their sea urchin divers were loading up for the buyer.  Gals and gals paddling their hearts out on paddle boards and everyone as friendly as the next.   Several people offered to take our pictures without even asking.  

Our boat the Western Flyer has home port of Portland on the stern and so we are greeted as if visiting from a long far away port.  $37 and we get to keepthe key card for a 65 ft slip.   We looked like a toy boat parked next to a Selene and a Fleming,  60+ ft yacht.   The liveaboard was extremely friendly and to show you how enlightened he was his concert music was playing loudly as he directed the imaginary concert with his hands.  




Anacapa island in the distance


Santa Barbara in the background


69 miles to LA, distance to next turn is 1.26 miles


I was up at four for an early departure but the one on the right still hasn’t stirred.  

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