Graveyard of the Pacific no mas!

The Graveyard of the Pacific is a nickname for a stretch of the coastal region in the Pacific Northwest, from Tillamook Bay on the Oregon Coast northward to Cape Scott Provincial Park onVancouver Island.

The region’s seas are frequently subject to heavy and unpredictable weather year round combined with the rugged, largely undeveloped coastline, especially along Vancouver Island and its northwestern tip at Cape Scott, causing sea conditions which, since European exploration of the area began in the 15th century, have endangered and wrecked thousands of marine vessels.

More than 2000 vessels and 700 lives have been lost near the Columbia Bar alone.

One book about regional wrecks lists 484 wrecks at the south and west sides of Vancouver Island.

Combinations of fog, wind, storm, current and wave had crashed hundreds of ships in the region by the middle of the twentieth century, including famous wrecks in regional history. Charts of the region show its famous, and dangerous, landmarks:


But find a good weather window and all is again good with the sailing or cruising life.  The problem we all agreed on is that some just don’t know where to go for their weather or they hear weather from where they will not even be affected from it,  then let it affect their cruising plans.


Photo of  the current seas as we rounded Cape Conception,  aka our cape similar in reputation as the cape of good hope.




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