Down the coast we go

This year the fourth (4th) of July came and went and so did the Admirals birthday; Patti’s birthday is also on the fourth of July.

Dear, One fourth of July in the future I plan on getting it right, not making the same mistakes of yester year by asking you what you want for your birthday.

“Just gimme something with diamonds” she said and so I did!

Sooooo, that’s why you got that pack of cards.


This year you will get a model husband, not that you haven’t before.   Thank you again for helping to make this trip come through for me.   Thank you for my latest present the autopilot.  Without the autopilot this crew would not be as happy as they are now.  

It is now Tuesday., August 26, 2014, at 1:49 p.m.  the boys have just drank their first beer,  enjoyed chinese fried rice with him and chicken and now cleaning up by taking baths in your bathtub for our arrival in Santa Barbara.


To show you what a great partner she is just look at this note my mechanic Adam showed me.

Hi Adam,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and hard work on our boat.  It’s been a pleasure meeting you and I hope our paths cross again.  If you decide to take a trip to Southern California, please remember to give us a call, you are welcome to stay with us.

Please be sure to copy me on your next invoice since I’m not sure when Ralph will be arriving home (and may not have internet).

Take Care,

(The Admiral)

As you can tell I do have internet by creating a hot spot on my iphone.   We are currently less than 100 miles from Crescent City,  Ca after running all night from Illwaco,  Wa  


Last night our route on the Garmin would not give us the arrival time,  so Mark dials garmin while we are underway about 3 to 5 miles offshore.   He gets a sweet sounding rep who gives him the answer.   Must be within 24 hours of arrival destination and sure enough it now says we are due to aerrive in Crescent City at 2030 hours after about 32 hours of steaming.


The guys are fishing and I have lunch as backup,  Picadillo and white rice.

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