Captain and crew

Boating, is the dullest of all things; don’t you think so?

Because a boat looks very pretty from the shore, we fancy that the shore must look very pretty from a boat; and when we try it, we find we have only got down into a pit and can see nothing rightly.

For my part, I hate boating and I hate the water…” 

― Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, The Haunted Baronet And Others: Ghost Stories 1861-70

At this very moment I’m on the v berth bunk writing and let me tell you everything right now seems mucho right with the world, life in general and even with my own lot in life. On a 10 scale we are a ten. This feeling and experience right now is just one of the many benefits of boating and also of taking a long cruise such as what the four of us are doing on the Western Flyer.

Officially she was christened on the Columbia River Bar on the way out so that no ill falls on her. To top it off also two dolphins met us and escorted us out. Unofficially, I saw the two dolphins but, they paid us no attention. We are now into day three of bringing this boat home and no one is hurt sick, dull or uninteresting.

Perhaps its my past experience with Captain Bleigh types or boat owners who only go so far in getting ready for a major trip like this.  They are my mentors on not doing it their way.   Thank you Scott,  my thru hulls stay open all the time and Captain and crew can shit, pee or vomit to their hearts content.   Thank you Ray T.  You taught me that when crew start to gel m get along great and start bonding to start throwing temper tantrums so that attention can now shift back to you, for it is always about you man, the boat owner and not the crew.  

Unenlightened boat owners are the true adventurers, the ones that leave more to chance than guys like me who change this part or that part or spend the extra dollar to avoid the adventure of having to change the timeline for a break down, mechanical or worse.  Why? Why not just read the forums and find out what went wrong in other like minded boats and avoid making those same mistakes?  

I do however believe in paying the piper for a successful voyage so, early on Fred, aka Gary was sacrificed. From his innards to the ocean blue – I now leave the rest to your imagination.  

Gary the merchant marine personally congratulated the crew and Captain saying he has way more respect now for us small boat boaters than he ever did years ago while traveling the oceans blue on 700 foot ships, while working for Sealift command.

Some, including the crew have heard me quote John Muir, the naturalist, who is responsible for the petitionong to create Yosemite National Park. In his book Muir says that if we take a small hike, you can equate that to eating dessert. But, if you go out for weeks, maybe 21 days or more, the body experience of mind, body and soul suddenly takes on an entire new meaning. You suddenly find that the experience equates to having eaten a full meal. That is how this experience now feels. Can you work on a project for two years and stick with it? I guess I now can say that I did! The Columbia river is now a distant memory and Portland wierd a passinb phase in my visit to a great little well run city. The boaters are a strange clickish lot that don’t out of habit even acknowledge another boaters presence on the dock but just get out on the water and if you are not making wakes to upset their house boat or interfering with their fishing then they will leave you alone. Why we even saw homeless boaters on Bayliner boats on the way out.

Earlier I bought the crew breakfast at the fishermen cafe, locally recommended, just a short walk from the Crescent City marine transcient docks. We arrived last night at 9:30 p.m. after circling about for a few turns trying to figure out where to dock. The security guard who was sporting a good looking uniform and long pony tail met us. He filled out some paperwork and we paid $27 to dock for the evening, that included showers and even laundry if so desired.

Breakfast of biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns and sausage. Somehow my decision these past few days when eating out of just asking what is popular has yielded better food than taking a stab at the menu. Then the four of us took a short walk to the Indian owned and operated liquor store and mini mart, but no ATM, said so on the door. Mark is the mechanic for this trip and has managed to stay in shorts and flip flops the entire trip to date. He actually blew a flip flop, left foot I think, prompting a second trip to West Marine for new sandals.

The next two salty crustaceans as in crew members are Gary aka, Fred and Ken. This morning at breakfast I decided to have some fun at Kens expense; after the second cup of coffee. Using all the wit I could muster up I tried to stump the quick witted Ken who always manages to come up with a story of his own after one is shared with the group. Right now I am stumped myself as I can’t remember what it was that brought him to a near speechless standstill but,  the rest of the crew probably knows. 

After a 37.5 hour run (Illwaco, Washington to Crescent City, California) we fueled up in all needs from boat fuel, crew needs such as showers, shoreside alcoholic beverages and some conversation relating to the trip thus far. Stats for the run down are 117 gallons of diesel to get us this far.  We also swapped out the two micron primary fuel racor filters with 10 micron ones.  My vacuum gauges well well worth the expense and add a great comfort level jnowing well in advance when trouble is brewing.   

Life is good – Old Guys Rule! !!!!!

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