The workaround

Subject: The workaround – A workaround is a bypass of a recognized problem; but workarounds are frequently as creative as true solutions, involving outside the box thinking in their creation.

So, if you find yourself doing a workaround then look at yourself as one creative guy or gal.


For everything we do in life and boat there is always a work around or as my alcoholic carpenter used to say, now we’re working backwards. Everytime this guy encountered a problem he overcame it, in carpentry, not in drinking however, to his credit he was always careful to not use any form of power tools if he had drank say six to eight hours earlier,  which he usually did.

The guy was a master carpenter who had never built a boat so,  officially he could not call himself a master carpenter. True story, as all my stories are thus far.


The leaky bypass filter made its way to three boat places with no solution in sight – till the workaround.

Today we found out during part three of our autopilot install project that we have the wrong transducer or should I say the wrong end piece on the cable that is supposed to connect to the chartplotter.


You would think that this part would be readily available but no.   The new ones besides not leaking did away with the screw and threads.


Plug it up and go till a new one is found.

But wait, its not that bad, for you see there is always thanks to the workaround, a solution. Our solution is another connecting cable that Garmin makes for such a problem and the evil empire, West Marine, just happens to have one in stock.

On a separate matter we, more like Adam, found the source of the persistent leak that wouldn’t go away.


This leak and others though now gone have bugged me since I first purchased the boat two years ago, but, also thanks to the workaround that problem is also now history.

The in-line filters center screw was the culprit, it sprang a leak.  The leak obviously could not or would not materialize in any way shape or form near the large puddle of water undernearth the port engine.


Nooooooo, this leak ran itself all the way from the forward part of the boats water pressure pump (that three years later also failed) that powers our boats drinking, bathing and cooking water.

Without water pressure on a boat it is virtually impossible to get water out of the drinking water tanks.  This persistent boat water leak ran down around and through multiple cavities and a stringer.

The leak thken stopped underneath our port engine leading you to believe that it was river water (this is because our dock was on the Columbia River). The leak did not go away when I first painted the bilge area underneath both engines. In no time, it was back, but this time easily traceable, or so I thought.

Earlier this week I found the last of two other boat leaks.   This other leak ran to the V berth (forward part of the boat) bilge area.   Apparently, when the bilge pump kicked on the octopus type hoses connected to the “above the water line drain” allowed bilge water to flow back down the shower sump pump,  overflowing it, causing it to leak back into the bilge area.

We have sonar in the top helm and radar in the lower helm, but no work around., at least not just yet.


The workaround   autopilot!  My boat mechanic Adam was first trying to use a flaring tool to connect the shadow drive without success.  I showed him a picture from the Boat Trawler Beach House.

Leather helm chair from an excavator heavy equipment .  Voila!  Another workaround!

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