AutoPilot Part II

Autopilot – Part II

In an effort to maximise my time today while waiting for my mechanic Adam I started on one project and ended up doing another however, though sometimes not unusual for me the not so fun one is now staged for a not too distant future.

Which sounds like more fun to you?   Painting in a yoga like position where no matter how you move you still manage to cut your self,  paint your self,  or anything else you are trying to keep paint away from, or fiberglass?

Fiberglass the bottom three inches and lenth of a full 200 gallon diesel tank.  Makes me itch just starting to write about it.  So I opted to push the fiberglass work a day or two forward while waiting for Adam.  Still waiting.



Fresh painted port tank,  awaiting a small fiberglass job.


Still not a pretty picture but at least we are moving in the right direction towards a future detailed engine room.   Note the plexiglass panel I installed sometime ago in an effort to easily look inside my bilge.


This is what my bilge looked like when we bought the boat.



Note the new motor mounts and sheathed hoses cooling.  Starting to look better but far from an engine room that you can eat or drink in.


Today I also swap out the one year old impellers for a new set.  Note the new pump.


Here is the before picture of the rudder post.   The entire area was constantly wet from a leaky stainless steel 25 year old water tank.


Here is the same rudder post after I treated the entire area with a rust resolver spray.   Note the new autopilot pump and ECU unit and flexible hydraulic lines vs the old copper lines.   Here is our autopilot in case you missed it.


This is the area where this is contained a cavernous trunk area.


This is the before picture of the anchor windlass and here is the after.



Original stove.


New stove.   And I could just go on and on and on but we’re not just ready for the finalreveal just yet anyway.


Here is the Hayden Island Yacht club today.   It is located just down the dock and then look up.

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