Nine (9) more days to go!

Last night it finally struck me that in a little over a week a crew of three begins to arrive by train and plane and  then we will be on our way.  Still lots to do with the autopilot topping the list  tomorrow morning.   The old one is now out, the area where it is going in is now scraped clean and freshly painted. 


Last night I began finalizing the navigation part of the trip from Portland to Los Angeles.
I first piled everything on board the Western Flyer pertaining to our trip down the coast.

Now that i had this pile of materials on the work table I soon found myself looking for something else to do.  Not finding something else quickly to do or eat from our super cool new Norcold refrigerator (half the size of a home refrigerator at twice the cost) …. at this late hour i began my navigation planning.

Here is what I was able to find on board the Western Flyer?

Oregon chart book
Columbia river fishing map
Pacific coast route planning map north and south portion
My written plan – Portland to LA v2.0 plan that I started in L A and saved in my Google drive.
Coast pilot 7 Pacific coast that caused my luggage to be 2 pounds over the weight limit
Savords lat-lon guide that I’ve owned for years but never actually used – even now, though I still think it’s a cool book; maybe its the spiral end
Charlies charts of the US Pacific from when Charlie was a young man
Cruising guide to San Francisco bay when tall masted ships were almost new
Various NOAA charts some even of the Pacific
Google Earth on my Android to locate the names of places I have never heard of

Next I explored the coast and chose either an inshore or express route down the coast. One is suppsedly crab pot free. 


Now that I have assigned way point names for each point down the coast I add waypoint a gps coordinate.


Next all I do is plug all those (what appears to me to be) hundreds of way points into my garmin chartplotter. At this point inputting this information is similar to adding an address to your cars gps.

Once this is done (not even close now) I combine a group of way points into what is called a route.


We are still planning on an August 19th departure –  exactly nine (9) days from today. Yes I know I need to change my calendar date that says I will finally beak free from the Columbia river on August 30, 2014; once again proving to all, that boats that go upstream on the Columbia don’t necessarily all come to stay or die.

 Navigation – the skill or process of plotting a route and directing a ship or aircraft along it.
The next to days will be working on completing the installation of the new Garmin GHP 10 Autopilot, then some testing. I am now also starting to stock up on food, drinks and water for four.


May there always be water under your boat and may she always be seaworthy and ever afloat, may your bilge pump be certain to work all night and all day, May your compass and charts always show the safe way, May you find gentle harbor as every day ends, and May you lower your anchor amidst peace and good friends.



Where we are now!


Where we will hang out for a day before crossing the infamous columbia river bar.

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Retired and now moving on from the cruising life jeeps, adventure bike, gardening, and travel. Always in search of the next great adventure!
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