Active participation

Subject: Active participation

So how do you go from this!



To this!


I like to call it active participation, the operative word being ME. Without the boat mechanic Adams help this project would’ve taken way much longer than it needed to even though Adam was the one that found the problem – a leaky refrigerator, and we’re not just saying this problem started yesterday, last week or last month; no Sir this refer was working hard and overtime at   turning that wood flooring into mulch suitable for compost. The wood just crumbled on my hand due to the leaking refrigerator.  

Active participation – While I removed the floor Adam made the calls for a catalog from a local supplier. Thinking that this would drag on I looked in my hard copy of the West Marine catalog and quickly found the model I wanted.  

As info, West Marine only carries one full size refrigerator and that just happened to be a Norcold. Ten minutes later we are at the back of the store loading up the only one they have in stock.

By the time we got back to the boat it was now quitting time. The next morning Adam brought  the measured plywood floor board that he epoxy coated. I screwed it on while Adam made the new wiring connections to the new Norcold.

Today the refer door covering arrived, it was snapped in place and we are now  done with this unexpected or unanticipated project.  If this surprises anyone,  welcome to boating. 


So that is how I view boat owner participation. Hopefully the final bill will reflect my active participation, but I don’t necessarily plan on it.

Now on to replacing two Trojan T125 batteries, same drill different day with Adam my mechanic, different project this time.

I pull the batteries, he makes the call, we pick up the new batteries, I install the batteries, boy is this active participation tiring!


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