One night and a wake up

One night and then a wake up is all that is left before flying up to meet the almost now completed Western Flyer for her voyage down the Pacific coast.   Not too long ago I coined the following words in my attempt to lighten the wedding planners mood. Enjoy.


Me and you and a dog named Lucy

One Month To Go!

One month to go and right now I’m waiting on the install of the windlass,  Autopilot,  radar, and second chartplotter.   Everything else can get done in Mexico.  While I work this project my CFO, Admin Assistant or better half if you will is also busy with her own version of a “delivery”, our daughters wedding in October;  our second big expense for the year.    She recently just got done telling me I have a better life than Lucy,  our chocolate lab; how can a guy reply to something like that?

My only response was, I will certainly be glad to trade projects with you!  Still, she seems fairly occupied with what appears to me to just be mundane tasks such as table design, linen napkins, chairs, glassware, cutlery, and decor?  i think, hasn’t she yet gone to the West Marine of wedding places for all this stuff?  Checking out her list i find other mundane tasks such as confirning hotel bookings; Confirm all vendor bookings, including the time they will arrive/depart, the equipment or service they’re bringing, the amount of staff they’ll have and any information on dietary requirements for those requiring a meal.

Inform them about the time they can access the venue and the time they can collect equipment/breakdown; ensure all transportation is booked. The guests to the ceremony, bridal party to the ceremony, guests from ceremony to reception, bridal party and parents to the reception, all guests and bride and groom from the reception back home.

Wedding transportation?   Why this sounds even more complicated than just turning left at the Columbia river and then letting the chartplotter and Autopilot take over the preplannd route.  And her list continues on and on much like my surveyors did what now seems like ages ago.  Print out  small cards with one or two local taxis that guests can call at the end of the reception; Make a list of “must take” formal photographs for the photographer; Furnish musicians with a preferred playlist; create on iPod different playlists so it’s easy for the wedding planner or venue to locate.

May need the following: order of service, place cards, escort cards/table plan, menus, table names, and anything else required (how much is all this going to costs I begin to wonder)?  Seating plan – obviously much more involved than the install of my chartplotter and radar that talks to the upper and lower helm.  

Who will walk who down the aisle, will the wedding party stand or sit, will the groom watch his bride walk down the aisle or will he stick to tradition and have his back towards her? Draw up a seating plan for the ceremony.Make sure someone discusses this with the Ushers. Assemble any necessary guest favours, confetti cones, welcome bags, stationery, etc  Once the place cards and escort cards are ready from the printers,assemble escort cards into alphabetical order and place in an envelope. 

Finalise this,  finalize that,  finalize.  Will I be glad when this delivery is over. 

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Retired and now moving on from the cruising life jeeps, adventure bike, gardening, and travel. Always in search of the next great adventure!
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