I love my Dinghy

Subject: I love my dinghy

Some people go out for walks, runs or even bike rides for exercise, today I dinghied, with no thought in mind of exercising. Somewhere between the time I got back to the dock, I noticed on the odometer that I clocked around 40 miles. Now how did that happen and why do I now feel like a nap. That workout must’ve happened somewhere between turning right after the LA lighthouse, leaving the protection of the breakwater and almost reaching the Pt. Fermin point trying to keep it under 25 mph and jumping those delicious swells.


Today was not only great exercise but I got to see all the sailing dinghy races I ever want to see; also saw a formation of six helicopters flying up the coast, USCG guys training on their six new red RIB inflatables. These guys were using a huge checklist to go by because when I first left the launch ramp they were out there and about 2.5 hours later they were still out there – this time practicing towing on one another.

Do you ever have trouble on the water knowing who has the right of way? All that means is you need more high speed dinghy practice. Here is how to keep it all straight. On most boats on the bow you find a red light on port (left) side and a green (starboard) side, so far so good. Now when we are moving in a straight line and we see a boat hopefully in the far distance coming our way; what light do you see? And what light does he see?


(If you said I see green and he sees my red when wouldn’t you also say that we have the right of way? Obviously in our case with many exceptions, i.e. large container ship, Catalina express, a dinghy race, guy on a kayak, stand up paddleboarders, guy on a kite. We get all these so it makes it quite easy to learn not only boat driving but navigation, exercise and dinghying with a purpose – a great meal.

Note to Patti: Yes, it would’ve been great having you with me but remember 19 mph seems to be your extreme limit, inside the breakwater. Remember it was just last week when I took you down the main channel to the new LA watercut, we walked over to the Ports of Call for an unannounced happy hour with margaritas and fish and chips!


Now I find myself spotting all kinds of places to dinghy to for food and drinks. Unlike the Pacific NW our coastal waters are at such a premium that until almost recently you would be lucky to ever find a spot that would even allow you to tie up a 6 six blowup dinghy for fear that you were using their valuable dock space that could otherwise be rented.


Today in no time at all we can and I have gone to Avalon for lunch (on a jet ski); Redondo Beach for lunch (on a jet ski); San Diego (on a jet ski) for lunch. We can now dinghy over at 35 mph to Ports of Call LA and Long Beach; Los Alamitos and Long Beach, Redondo Beach and Marina del Rey.

Imagine all that exercise!


LOS Alamitos

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