The Frenchman

What possesses a person to walk hundreds of miles so that they can protest?  That is the question now left for me to ponder myself when the frenchman left me,  along,  again on my journey of 10,000 miles,  not by feet this time but by jeep. 


   The picture I barely had a chance to take is of a guy I barely met, while rounding a turn on a lonely road,  I only now remember because of the picture.   Scanning the highway ahead I saw a strange object heading my way far off in the distance .  Since it was early morning and I hadn’t seen another vehicle in quite some time I  stopped my red Rubicon equipped jeep right on the road,  with plenty of visibility to see the road ahead or behind.    Wikipedia describes it this way and perhaps I missed it at the time. 

Tactical frivolity is a form of public protest involving humour; often including peaceful non-compliance with authorities, carnival and whimsical antics. Humour has played a role in political protests at least as far back as the Classical period in ancient Greece. Yet it is only since the 1990s that the term tactical frivolity has gained common currency for describing the use of humour in opposing perceived political injustice.

Generally the term is used to denote a whimsical, non confrontational approach rather than aggressive mocking or cutting jokes.

He simply kept walking,  pulling that strange chariot of his,  ignoring me.  I quickly offered up water.   He snapped,  I’ve got plenty.   I pulled out my stash of granola bars,  said something like,  they are organic and good.  He looked them over and then took one,  like a shy animal wondering if he were the hunted or food tonight. 

Asked him what he was doing,  he said heading to some park I don’t  now recall to protest ; added everything he needed was in the wagon.   The scenery around me was amazing,  lakes a brighter blue that I never thought possible. 


I miss that jeep sometimes.    But the way I see it is,  it served its purpose at the time,  much the same way the frenchmans chariot did to him,  except he had a greater purpose in life,  as he saw it.  

Oftentimes I recall rv travelers asking me where I left my mother vehicle,  the behemoth recreational vehicle.   Now that to me would be total excess,  perhaps its the sailor in me still coming out that feels this way.  


Carnivals, Satire and the French folk custom of Charivari were discussed as mediums that allowed the lower classes to use humour to highlight unjust behaviour by the upper classes.


My Chariot,  equipped for all Alaskan travels.  



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