Fear and boating

Subject:  Fear and boating

For a guy who has ridden jet ski’s at wide open throttle up and down the SoCal coast, to and from and around Catalina Island and even from the port of Anchorage to Kodiak island; today my body felt raw primal type fear just prior to and while getting the boat underway after the haulout.


Fear of the Columbia river bar? No, already crossed it while sailing to Juneau. Fear of a storm at sea, looking forward to the adventure!

  I also don’t think that i have grown into this 41 Defever trawler just yet.   To me it still seems like a big boat even though its really not so big compared to many others.   Jerry at the marina was telling me that all the Puget sound boaters are moving down here and business couldn’t be better with them wanting the install of at least one thruster.  That would be easier,  but then I would use the thruster and never really learn how to drive the boat.  

You almost can’t buy a high end yacht today without them.   No, I’m just fine with our classic lady, similar to a classic car in so many ways, and maybe, just maybe when we are ready to sell after truly putting her through her paces and making her ours, just the way we want her, we might be able to almost break even.  Today on our boat, in Portland it was 94 degrees!   Did you say A/C?  Don’t even think it, at least not yet anyway. 


Fear of too many projects?  I would’ve already died from this fear!

It’s that damn current and possibly docking the boat in current that probably does it to me.  No, my fear of running a twin screw boat does not stem from overly cautious parents dishing out dire warnings as a child:  “watch out for this”; “be careful of that”!   If you too have this fear then find out why?

Really,  really glad our granddaughters parents don’t subscribe to fears of boating or worse yet drowning.  Grandma Patti is making sure they can swim before they jump off the Western Flyer.    That hardtop is sure a tempting diving board.   But, Grandma Patti has lots of fears, fears of big waves,  cold water,  getting sea sick, Ralph moving the boat at night in Santa Ana winds, all real world fears that I am guilty of putting her through on a 40 ft sailboat.   So, what are you afraid of? 


Fear of messing up the brightwork?  Patti and I already tackled it and I know I can either handle it or pay someone else to do so.

Next trip up I gave Adam my mechanic a heads up, get the radar and chartplotter and anchor windlass installed before I come up so I can finally learn how to drive this damn boat in current, and maybe just maybe there won’t be a 5 knot current. 

The more you learn about handling a boat and actually doing it the more you will overcome fear!   You can read all you want but hands on boat handling is what it takes.


Fear of going hungry?  Not on the Western Flyer,  enough said!

Today I needed to abort the first landing to the boat slip, it was the wind and current and my inattention to both that probably did it.  


Fear of getting eaten by a fish?  Not.

So what is another fear, an engine quitting?  I have two so that is not one of my fears, fire?  No, the only fear I can think of is hitting another boat.  Remember when we owned the S/V Patti Lynn and I one day thought I would do like Richard the sailor and back her in?  Bam.  That was the sound of our Hunter 40 hitting the dock. 


Fear of getting told by people who haven’t gone to Mexico that its too too dangerous down there.   Not even close, if you knew what I used to do for a living.  

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Retired and now moving on from the cruising life jeeps, adventure bike, gardening, and travel. Always in search of the next great adventure!
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