Hauling Out


Subject:  Haul out Monday

Hauling out today.  For the non nautical, hauling out is when the boat gets pulled out of the water, usually for some work to get performed.

Work to be completed:

1)  install a transducer in the bottom of the boat so that ….. this part is what transmits echo sounds to the bottom and reads the time it takes to get the signal back thereby telling you how deep the bottom is………always a good thing to know when boating.

2)  install some more  bottom paint over our 2 year old bottom paint,  preferably one that lasts the longest.

My good friend Mark is helping me take the boat over to Danish marina.



Arrow points towards the keel.


One of two older transducers.

(Nautical Terms) nautical to draw or hoist (a vessel) out of the water onto land or a dock …. to do carting or transport, or move freight commercially. … haul

– Originally had the nautical meaning of  “to trim the sails to sail closer to the wind.”.

Hauling-out is also the behaviour associated with pinnipeds, of temporarily leaving the water between periods of foraging activity for sites on land or ice.   Thought you might also want to expand your knowledge here.


So far so good,  it was a little exciting getting the boat to the lift area but we did it.   Certainly needed two people.    Tight turn and current, plus a sailboat blocking the way, thanks to the nearby kayak dock we held tight till the launch lift guys got the sailboat moved, then all I had to do was manuever my way to a menacing looking two pilings whereby the guys grabbed the lines and guided us in.  Almost like I knew what I was doing.

Now I’m kicking back at the nearby Oxford Suites since I temporarily lost my home.   Our fiberglass guy was supposed to return tomorrow but got him moved to the next day which is when hopefully I get her back.  All of this and my flight home is Wednesday.  No stress,  I’m used to dealing with things like this.



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