Tub, laundry, radar and chartplotter too

Perhaps it’s ’cause I smell the end in sight,  the barn is near, it’s Friday or the original never ending projects list is so widdled down, almost to total nothingness, that I woke up today feeling so darn elated.  Monday we haul her out for the transducer install and new bottom paint that was put on two years ago.


My tub refinishers as you can tell by the pictures did an amazing job on the fly bridge old antenna holes refill and new paint job.   Right now he is getting ready to spray Patti’s bathtub. 


Yes, the Western Flyer has a tub.  Not a big one but just right for us two but not at the same time.   By looking at this tub you can also just picture how much smaller people used to be, say 25 years ago, the age of my trawler.   That’s how much smaller the tub is, besides its on a boat and in no time flat and in one bath I see her emptying that 16 gallon hot water tank. 

Everything is smaller.  We now carry in our cell phones the equivalent of what this guy is carrying above.  


First two sides done.



The finished project.


Yes, I am now in the process of doing my laundry at the marina office.   Beat poor Ashley,  a boater,  one of two washers on account she was busy talking on her cell phone.  You snooze,  you lose.  

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Retired and now moving on from the cruising life jeeps, adventure bike, gardening, and travel. Always in search of the next great adventure!
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