Subject: Wet Burrito


I’m starting to get really good on predicting just exactly when the rain will actually start falling. Yes, surprise, surprise,  its raining right now in Portlan as I sit on the edge of the dock in my covered slip and watch it f a l l.  Its a treat for me to watch,  coming from rainless California.     Made it back to the boat from the taco truck just prior to the downpour and yes, the wet burrito was delicious.

  My new friend Fernando knowing very well that i am from the land of not only good but, great Mexican food (LA) seems to take great care in serving up nothing but his best, and tonight was no exception.  


The new EPIRB, is now in my possession.  The Garmin HD radar package apparently did not MAKE it on the truck.    Basically, unlike the wet burrito, if this gps feels like its in the ocean (i.e. wet) it is supposed to go off and start transmitting an emergency signal. 

The unit is a category one emergency position indicating radio beacon with the ability to connect with emergency personnel in as little as 3 minutes.   Today i registered it and now we are set. 

My worker did not complete his appointed project he started on account of a 6 year old that required baby sitting.   Seems that grandma had an impacted tooth that required attention and his worker assistant that I learned today is 41 years old but looks and dresses like he is 24 also called in sick. 


Surprise!   Its Portland wierd or so I am told (recent discussion at the taco truck by a guy that just moved here from Austin)  He likes this wierd better than the Austin wierd but is starting to notice all the rain. 


Want a cheap boat, fixer upper project?  This Chris craft is for sale at a now low $1500  Mahogany planked single engine that leaks like a sieve.  The bilge goes off consistently but hey its a project and don’t we all just need another project on our plate. 

We also discussed the greeting or lack of greeting in Portland.  People will pass you by even in the marina where all bets are off and everyone is equal regardless of boat or waist or pocketbook size.   Not here,  even in the yacht club row where I am located at, as they bill themselves as the friendliest yacht club, NOT.  Giving the greeting of the day should be a given when passing by another human being, not being so totally absorbed with oneself that you fail to even acknowledge the other person.  But,  I’ve experimented.  If you take the initiative and offer up a smile and a greet or a friendly comment or conversation you can completely change their outlook and conduct.  Another thing I’ve noticed is that a person may be talking to you one second and the next just walk away without so much as a I’ll see you later or …  Their not intending to be rude or otherwise,  just w I e r d, or should I dare say Portland wierd. 


Now this is wierd, the guys wearing a ?

  You want friendly,  San Diego!  Earlier this year we pulled in on Johns boat, a 44 Navigator and within 5 minutes people were coming up and introducing themselves.   

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Retired and now moving on from the cruising life jeeps, adventure bike, gardening, and travel. Always in search of the next great adventure!
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