Untie the lines project

Subject:  Untie the lines projects

This morning  and now again this evening I walked from home depot and back to the boat carrying lumber.  Remember, I’m on foot this trip and the depot is notvreally that close.    Not just any lumber, but an 8 ft 2×2 redwood length of wood,  and not just once, but twice.  
Also had spare keys made,  obtained my MMSI number from the boat us website and programmed both gps vhf units, plus verified with the uscg on channel 70 that it all works.   This mmsi number is assigned to the boat and is what tells the coast guard who and what we are in the event of an emergency.  


This is the line I use to hobble tie the Western Flyer when bringing her in single handed.

The project  that I’ve put off for a while is to secure the new plastic 200 gallon water tank that is located in what is called a trunk area in the back of the boat.   You access it by lifting three pieces of wood panels.  This is where we store all the Mexican beer,  coolers,  spare anchors,  seasick people and Christmas decorations.  Yeah,  its that big.

The water tank needed to be framed in so the flooring around it could be finished and used.   This area used to contain a water maker that I threw out.  Briefly I thought about donating it to third world boaters but was advised against it.   Additionally I installed a ratchet strap around the water tank, hopefully making it Columbia river bar crossing safe.  


This placard is required  next to this new vhf radio.

I also secured the built in tool box, that is also used as a step down into the engine room the same way.  A fiberglass guy came by to look my job over before giving me a quote on the numerous old antenna holes and old holes in general that I have laying around.   More to follow.  
My son Matt was once surprised to learn that no one takes the time to learn these trademens names,  often times just calling them by the trade.   Pumper and shit head come to mind.  
Break time came and I tuned in to my novella,  a long running video blog about this german girl who buys a boat in podunk central america. 

In the 38th episode we all are saddened to learn that her boat,  wait are you ready……. broke down,  again.   Seriously,  a torn impeller on episode 38!  Is this the best you got?  That worn impeller should’ve gotten replaced the moment you thought about firing up that engine sister;  also we are graced with her telling us,  very closely to the screen I might add,  that she is going to install solar panels.  


Naturally we of the older yet wiser generation that still find it some what sexy to  see a foreigner,  scandily clad (Scant means small amount, so it means your clothes are skimpy, tiny shorts, a short dress, small shirt, skimpy bikinis, may be considered …… . the boat begins to heat up leading you to think there is a cause to effect here,  but not so,  it was the diesel engines coolant loss.   She did manage to get the boat Karl u n t i e d. from the l i nes,  a much better job I might add than me.  


A beer a day.

One day I will spring for the extra cost to add video to this blog till my lines are still tied. 



Replacing with an led version.   Once this is installed the entire boat except for the most spreader lights are now all leds.  

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