Cruising BVI

BVI 049BVI 006



If a picture is worth 1,000 words then this first one should be able to launch a book.  First, please note the touch me and I’ll fall down looks on both our faces.  Then quickly scan the second picture and you’ll notice the “Drinking Man’s Guide to the BVI’s” guide book with the Willie T in the background.  Another story here but best told by our good friends T & K.

Speaking of K. if you see that bare flesh on my left arm just barely holding back my arms innards; it wasn’t long after the picture was taken that I climbed on board, in the process  plastering or rather “branding” as in cattle iron my arm against a hot charcoal fired bbq that rested ever so gently on the boats handrail.

You would think that a loud warning by those on board would be the order of things but  NO.  It or rather the bbq was casually pointed out to me that (it) was lit.

Note to Patti L. or should I now say PATRICIA to get your ATTENTION:   – In the future please use loud pointy hand signals and a yelling gutteral sound to get my undivided attention when MY “safety” is concerned.

Speaking of safety – moments earlier I almost ran over my good friend K. with our dinghy inflatable while he casually sat on the bow of our inflatable dinghy – with me steering a casual course to our boat with my foot.  This, after we managed to sample the islands “moon shine” on a hungry stomach.  Who sits on the bow of a dinghy while a guy steers with his foot anyway?  My ever trustful friend K. does!  Note:  Names changed to protect the innocent.

If BVI 072BVI 070BVI 064BVI 063


And in this picture you will notice a woman reading while sleeping!  She was that tired – now look for the 152 mosquitoe bits on her left arm and right leg.

BVI 057

BVI 053BVI 049BVI 006BVI 118BVI 096BVI 092BVI 006Thank you T. & K. – BFF


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