BOAT MAINTENANCE ITEMS – found when we bought the boat!

Below is an almost complete list of work I faced from the start – thanks to the surveyor it made the job of identifying what worked and what didn’t that much easier.  Don’t ever, ever, buy a boat without a good surveyor and your plans to be present every step of the way. Our surveyor stayed on board almost a full 8 hours.  Some of the really nasty photos are missing but with the pictures shown, I think you get the picture.  In some other post I will show the work completed.  One job we are extremely proud of is our new Force 10 3 burner stove whereby I had custom made a stainless steel back splash area.  Not cheap but looks like it belongs there.   


I. FOUND: The galley sink drain hoses are original and are surface cracked. The manual bilge pump suction hose is deformed

and decomposing.

RECOMMEND: Replace all degraded hose with hose appropriate for the intended marine application. 

ACTION TAKEN:  What do you expect? Every single hose on the boat was replaced (not engine related).  What a mess!  Source of the boat smells!  You bet. 


II. FOUND: The dripless packing glands were not burped after the vessel was launched. This can cause wear, noise, vibration

and leakage.

RECOMMEND: Always burp residual air out of the packing glands after the vessel is launched to ensure

cooling/lubricating water reaches the seal surfaces.


ACTION TAKEN:  Boat yard error that will never happen to this boat owner again.  Lessons learned:  Don’t ever let boat yard people know more than you do about your own boat. 


III. FOUND: Forward cabin portlights are leaking.

RECOMMEND: Repair or replace as required and prove operational.


ACTION TAKEN:  Every single one was removed rebedded and replaced. 


IV. FOUND: Evidence of water leaks into the forward stateroom at deck to cabin interface-especially forward, at side deck to

the gunnels port and starboard.

RECOMMEND: Correct as necessary.


ACTION TAKEN:  Front hatch was removed, fiberglass built up and replaced following the removal of the teak deck and non skid project. 


V. FOUND: The forward raw water wash-down pump is not designed for this purpose. It is designed to be used as a freshwater

pressure pump. There is no strainer between the thru hull fitting and the pump.

RECOMMEND: Install a pump designed for raw water and install a strainer.


ACTION TAKEN:  New wash down pump installed.


VI. FOUND: The forward heat pump condensate pan is corroded and appears to be leaking. The drain tube is routed into the 2nd

bilge. Neither heat pump is reported operable.


RECOMMEND: Repair or replace as required and prove operational. Run the condensate tube to the shower sump pump to

help keep the bilge dry.


ACTION TAKEN:  Both air conditioning units removed from the boat and newer modern a/c unit to be installed at a future date. 


VII. FOUND: The thru-hull connections below the waterline – wash down pump supply hose, waste system in forward head water line – are secured with a single hose clamp. This is insufficient given the frequency of hose clamp failures.

RECOMMEND: Accepted standard marine practice is to secure all hose connections below the water line with two stainless

steel hose clamps providing the fitting is of sufficient length to accommodate two properly installed hose clamps. If fitting is too short, replace fitting or install a more durable T-bolt type clamp rather than worm screw type clamps.


ACTION TAKEN:  All clamps inspected and replacement taken where required. 


VIII. FOUND: Corroded hose clamps are noted on several hose connections; wash down pump supply hose, waste system in

forward head. Failure of the hose clamp could cause a leak.

RECOMMEND: Replace all deteriorated hose clamps with new, all stainless steel marine grade clamps.


ACTION TAKEN:  Note item VII.  All hoses and clamps replaced as recommended and required.


IX. FOUND: The new thru hulls and seacocks are not bonded (forward galley, under forward head)

RECOMMEND: Bond all below waterline with bronze fittings to prevent alloy loss.


ACTION TAKEN:  Work paid for but not completely accomplished on the first go around – follow up required and completed. 


X. FOUND: Higher than expected moisture readings using Protimeter Aquant and Electrophysics GRP33 moisture meters in

core material of decks, cabin sides, lower in edges of flybridge.

RECOMMEND: Drill inspection holes into the suspected areas to inspect the condition of the core material. Eliminate the

source of the water intrusion and dry the core. If the core material is found to be deteriorated or rotten it must be replaced.


ACTION TAKEN:  Two inch inspection holes drilled when new stainless steel grab rails that replaced the teak was undertaken.  Boat moved to a covered slip and thoroughly dried. 


XI. FOUND: The hoses throughout the boat are old and in various stages of deterioration. The

recommended life span of most hosing is 10 years. Of special concern are hoses below the waterline.

RECOMMEND: Replace all old and degraded hoses with hoses rated for each application: marine water hose, marine

wet exhaust hose, sanitation grade hose, etc.


ACTION TAKEN:  All hoses inspected and replaced as required. 


XII. FOUND: The rudder angle indicator transducer connection rod is broken.

RECOMMEND: Repair or replace as required and prove operational.


ACTION TAKEN:  Plastic rod replaced.


XIII. FOUND: The main cabin ceiling is slightly concave – it has no positive camber. This can be caused by moisture

intrusion into the cabin top core.

RECOMMEND: Determine if the core is wet. Attend as necessary.


ACTION TAKEN:  Hardtop and canvas cover should forever keep this area from ever getting wet again.  Note:  Boat was most of its life in the Pacific NW and now it is heading to S. CAL, Mexico and beyond. 


XIV. FOUND: The flybridge AquaMeter depthsounder and knotmeter remote panels are not wired.

RECOMMEND: Remove all abandoned electronics and systems per good marine practice.


ACTION TAKEN:  All old electronics and wiring was removed from the boat. 


XV. FOUND: The generator reported the generator would not start. The fuel pump wire was found disconnected.

RECOMMEND: Repair or replace as required and prove operational. Have the generator output checked by an ABYC

certified technician.


ACTION TAKEN:  Onan Genset was removed from the boat by Carlos and I.  Material cost:  $75.00 plus about three hours of labor on a Sunday.  A teacher from the Portland area showed up and we quickly wheeled the genset over to his awaiting truck.  Did the genset work?  Probably?  Did I want to screw with a 25 year old genset while cruising?  Never.  Will likely cruise without a genset the first go around. 


XVI. FOUND: Abandoned Lectra San sanitation system under aft stateroom sole.

RECOMMEND: Remove all abandoned systems, components, wiring and switches from the vessel in

accordance with good marine practice.


ACTION TAKEN:  Removed. 


XVII. FOUND: The forward head shower valve is broken.

RECOMMEND: Repair or replace as required and prove operational.


ACTION TAKEN:  All PLUMBING ON THE BOAT WAS TOTALLY REDONE INCLUDING FIXTURES, TOILET, HOSES, PUMPS, ETC.  forgot?  Main water tank was leaking when we bought the boat – what a bear to remove the over 200 gallon stainless steel tank from the trunk area but, we did it (Carlos and I)


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