Boat yard costs!!!!

After purchasing “Bare Assets” and a short sea trial she was taken to the boat yard for a refit of some of her systems to include:

Pressure washing – bottom and top sides to include teak floors

New Copper Bottom paint job –  Partial peel to remove blisters from the waterline six inches down

Replace all Thru-hulls – 9 thru hulls, valves and sea water strainers

Replace Starboard Engine motor mounts – 4 on one engine

Replace both engine Heat exchangers

Replace Raw water pump for each engine

Install custom Racor fuel filter panel

Add new racor to Espar heating system

New Galvanic corrosion copper bonding strip

4 hours to run & test systems

Here is a partial list of work and $$ at a boatyard.


Bottom Paint Price includes round trip lift, pressure wash, standard
preparation and sanding, 2 coats of bottom paint

Environmental (1) Bottom Plastic, per foot 1.00 41.00
1 Block Block boat in yard 150.00

2 Labor, per hr. Extra time to pressure wash entire boat 79.00 per hour

Total 158.00

10 Labor, per hr. Partial peel about 14 to 16″ down from waterline to
remove localized blistering, skim with grinder, solvent
wash, coat with epoxy barrier coat to prevent blistering
in this are again. We will moisture meter the laminates
once peeled.
79.00 per hour total of $790.00

1 BY Parts Peeler blades, grinding discs, epoxy barrier coat etc 95.00 95.00
8 Labor, per hr. Time to skim bottom paint to remove the growth that the
pressure washer could not remove.
79.00 $632.00

1 BY Parts Grinding discs, tyvek suits etc 55.00 $55.00

41 Environmental (2) Plastic Cover, per foot (to wrap boat for grinding) 3.00 $123.00
Thru hulls, valves and strainers.


More and more and more and more…………………..

2 Labor, per hr. Time to change out bonding strip in engine room 79.00 158.00
1 BY Parts Copper bonding strip 45.00 45.00
17 Labor, per hr. Remove inspection hatches on fuel tanks, clean surface
area where gasket will contact, cut/form new rubber
gaskets, fit new gaskets and inspection hatches back onto
tanks, polish fuel (two techs 6hrs each, one inside, and
one at the pump monitoring and changing out filters etc)
79.00 1,343.00

1 BY Parts Gasket material 25.00 25.00
2 Labor, per hr. Tap into copper fuel line for furnace fuel supply 79.00 158.00
1 BY Parts Fittings 22.50 22.50
4 Labor, per hr. Time to test run boat in water, check charging, cooling,
and stbd engine alingment
79.00 316.00
2 Labor, per hr. Time to glass thru hull hole closed 79.00 158.00
1 BY Parts Glassing materials 25.00 25.00


By the time it was all done our first yard bill totaled $18,363.09

Note:  Only two of the five pages of work completed are shown above.

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