Defever trawler

This traditional double-cabin trawler was built in Taiwan by Bluewater Marine. My trawler is the last year made model, a 1989.  She’s constructed on a solid fiberglass hull with a deep forefoot and a long keel that fully protects the running gear in the event of grounding.

She is plan B model as at least two floorplans were also offered in the DeFever 41, both two-stateroom affairs with the galley in the salon. A lower helm was standard of course, and port and starboard salon doors provide easy access to the decks. Note that a door in the aft stateroom allows direct access to the cockpit—a very convenient feature indeed.

The varnished teak interior woodwork—and there’s plenty of it—is impressively finished as it is in most Taiwan boats. Topside, there’s adequate space on the cabintop aft of the bridge for dinghy storage. Additional features include teak overlaid decks and cabintop, fairly wide side decks with raised bulwarks all around, and tub/shower in the aft head.  Most DeFever 41s were fitted with single or twin 135hp Lehman diesels.  Western Flyer is a twin Ford Lehman 135 Super engines that can cruise at a leisurely 7–8 knots burning just 4–5 gallons per hour with a guesstimate of 500 nautical miles.   Run one engine and you can double the range.


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